01 February 2015

Morning, Belle

Finally, a spy photo of BlueBelle on the bed that isn't so much like a grainy spy photo. This sound-muted, no-flash, sneaky phone photo shows one of Belle's visits to the rest of us -- dogs and human -- as we are all waking up.

For months, I baited my bed with treats and soft chew bones for her to find during the periods that she roams most of the house alone. Soon, she began sleeping on the bed while I was home. A few months ago, she was so excited that we were awake for the day that she suddenly leaped onto the bed. I froze. The dogs froze. Belle froze. My movements were slow as cold molasses as I gingerly inched out of bed and Belle jumped down to join us on the way to the backyard.

Eventually, she made it part of her routine to jump onto the bed and greet the dogs in the morning. She began walking within inches of me to sniff anything new like a book or the phone in a different place. She would settle in and take a nap with us if we all got quiet again. I rolled out of bed increasingly later. Yawn.

Occasionally, Belle stays on the bed with us all night. If she is on the bed when the rest of us head to bed, I turn my back to her and glide discreetly past her into the room. If I am suitably careful, she will stay. She is adamant about keeping her space bubble free of dogs, so the dogs move carefully, as well.

Morning blooms with a brighter Belle mood. She stretches long, wags her blue-grey nub of a tail, greets her favorite dogs, and responds to my praise by moving toward me. She is tolerant of my moving around and of having dogs play around her some. Belle's large, sparkling eyes and curious face are lovely sights first thing in the morning.